Personal data of users and customers, regardless of which DeepFin channels or means you provide them in Lithuania. We openly tell you how we use your personal data in order to help you understand the consequences of using your data and your rights related to your data. The information presented in this privacy policy is available to you at all times and you can review it at any time. By interacting with us, you will learn even more information about how we use your data. This customer privacy policy applies to all customers of UAB DeepFin. When we use the term platform in the Privacy Policy, we mean the channels and means through which you interact with us.

Main channels and tools:

  • our website,;
  • The DeepFin App, which includes the App that you have installed on your mobile device.


We are UAB “DeepFin” and we process your personal data as a data controller. UAB “DeepFin” is a financial services institution established in the Republic of Lithuania, company code 304974064, registered office address: Taikos st. 174-12, LT-05230 Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania, and the e-mail address of the Data Protection Officer email address: We regulate the processing and protection of your personal data and are responsible for it.


There are various legal reasons why we process your data. The main reason is that we need to process your data in order to fulfill the contract you agree to when you register and purchase or use our services or features. We also use your data for other reasons, for example to respond to your inquiries or to send you newsletters that you have agreed to receive from us.

We collect the information you provide when you:

  1. you fill in the forms we provide;
  2. you correspond with us;
  3. you register to use the DeepFin app;
  4. you use our services;
  5. you participate in online discussions, surveys or take advantage of promotional offers;
  6. you talk to our customer service agent (by phone, email or using the DeepFin app);
  7. you participate in a competition; or you contact us for other reasons.


Depending on the purpose of the data processing, as indicated above, the data processed in each case may be:

  • Your identity data (for example, Your name, language and country from which you contact us, contact details, etc.);
  • Your DeepFin username, password and other registration information;
  • Your e-mail email address, phone number and information about the device you are using (eg phone, computer or tablet);
  • Your bank account number;
  • Your business-related information (eg: individual activity certificate number, business name, address, e-mail address, telephone);
    economic and transaction information (for example, information about invoices, etc.);
    connection, geographic location and/or browsing data (for example, if you contact us via mobile phone);
  • Your image in a photo (if you upload a photo to your DeepFin account);
  • commercial information (for example, if you have subscribed to our newsletter);
  • information about your tastes and interests.
  • If you provide us with data about other persons or natural persons (for example, the names of your customers and their contact and business details (VAT number, company code, address, e-mail, telephone number) or ask us to share their personal data with third parties, You you confirm that you have previously familiarized them with this Privacy Policy.

Please note that we will mark some fields as mandatory when requesting personal data to access the platform’s functions or services, as such information is required to provide the relevant service or enable the use of the relevant functions. Please note that if you choose not to provide such data, you may lose your ability to register as a user or use such services or features.


How long we store your data depends on the purpose for which we process this data. Below is an explanation:

  • DeepFin will be able to manage your user registration on the platform as long as you are a registered user (i.e. until you decide to unsubscribe).
  • Prepare, conclude and execute a purchase or service contract – we will process your data as long as it is necessary for your service related to the purchased service, including complaints or claims regarding the purchased service. In some cases, we will only process the data until you change your mind.
  • Provide customer support – we will process your data as long as it is necessary to fulfill your request or request.
  • Marketing DeepFin will process your data until you unsubscribe from the newsletter.
  • For usability and quality analysis, DeepFin will process your data from time to time until quality improvement activities or research are conducted, or until your browsing data is anonymized. Despite the fact that we will process your data only as long as it is necessary to achieve the goal, after reaching it, we will keep the data and properly protect it until the end of the period provided for in legal acts, during which responsibility for their processing may arise. We will delete the personal data after the expiration of each possible action.


Depending on the DeepFin products or services you use, we may make automated decisions about you.

This means that we can use technology that can be used to assess your personal circumstances and other factors to predict risks and consequences. We do this so that we can provide our services smoothly and ensure that the decisions we make are fair, consistent and based on the right information.

If we make an automated decision about you, you have the right to request that it be manually reviewed by a human.


We share your data with service providers who provide support to us or with third-party providers both inside and outside the European Union.

In order to achieve the goals set out in this privacy policy, DeepFin must also provide your personal data to third parties that help us provide the services offered to you, i.e. ie:

  • to financial institutions;
  • fraud detection and prevention agencies;
  • technological service providers;
  • customer support for service providers;
  • advertising and marketing partners and service providers

We share your data with service providers who provide support to us or with third-party providers both inside and outside the European Union.

We may also share your personal data with other third parties:

  • if we are required to do so by law or regulation;
  • if we sell our business;
  • if it relates to criminal or fraud investigations;
  • exercising their rights (including those of customers and others); or
  • if it involves legal actions.
  • If you instruct us to share your personal data with a third party, we may do so. For example, you may authorize third parties to act on your behalf (for example, a lawyer, an accountant, or a family member or guardian under a power of attorney).



We offer features and services that require the processing of third-party personal data that you must provide, such as when creating and sending an invoice or when registering expenses. We will collect data from third parties such as:

  • Name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address of a natural person or legal entity. mail address;
  • Company name;
  • Company code;
  • Company or individual VAT payer code.
  • We will also collect information for this purpose from third parties, such as commercial registers.


We use cookies and similar tools to facilitate navigation on the platform, to understand how you interact with us, and in certain cases to serve you ads based on your browsing habits. Read our cookie policy to better understand the cookies and similar tools we use, their purpose and other information of interest.

If you are not satisfied with the way we handle your personal data, you can file a complaint with your local data protection authority.


We understand that it is very important to protect and manage your personal data. We will treat all personal data that we process with the utmost care and security. This section describes some of the security measures we have in place.

We apply various physical and technical measures to protect your personal data and prevent unauthorized access to it, unauthorized use or disclosure. Electronic data and databases are stored in secure computer systems and access to information is controlled by physical and electronic means. We apply detailed security and data protection policy provisions, which employees must follow when processing your personal data. Although we take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is protected from unauthorized access, we cannot guarantee that it will be secure when you transmit it to our app, website or other services.

If you use a password in the DeepFin app, you must keep it confidential. Do not reveal it to anyone.

When using our services, please do not share any personal data that you do not want other users to see, collect or use, as this personal data will become publicly available.


We undertake to keep your personal data confidential and to ensure you the opportunity to exercise your rights. Accordingly, we agree that you may exercise your rights free of charge by emailing us. email address ( and simply indicating the reason for the request and the right you wish to exercise. If we think it is necessary to establish your identity, we may ask you to provide a copy of your identity document. Specifically, regardless of the purpose or legal basis on which we process your data, you have the following rights:

  • Ask to review your personal data we have. Please note that if you are registered on the platform, you can also find this information in the relevant section of your account.
  • Request correction of your personal data we have. Please note that if you are registered on the platform, you can also update your personal data in the relevant personal data section of your account.

In any case, please note that by proactively providing us with your personal data in any manner, you warrant that the data is true and accurate and undertake to notify us of any changes to it. You will be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the platform, the person responsible for it or any third party due to false, inaccurate or incomplete information provided in the registration forms. Please note that you generally only have to provide your own data and not third party data, except as permitted in this privacy policy.

  • Request the deletion of your personal data if it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it is processed in the above manner, or if we are no longer legally allowed to process it.
  • Request to stop or limit the processing of your personal data, including, in certain cases, a request to temporarily suspend data processing or a request to store them longer than necessary. If you have given us consent to process your data for any purpose, you also have the right to withdraw such consent at any time. Some of the circumstances under which you can withdraw your consent are described in detail in the section where we explain the purposes for which we process your data.
  • When we can legally process your data based on your consent or for contractual purposes, as explained in the section, you also have the right to request the portability of your personal data. This means that you have the right to receive the personal data provided to us in a structured, widely used and computer-readable format so that you can directly transfer it to another entity without our intervention.
  • If the processing of your data is based on our legitimate interests, you also have the right to object to the processing of your data.

Finally, we inform you that you have the right to apply to the responsible data protection regulatory institution – the State Data Protection Inspectorate ( The EU also has national and regional data protection authorities (a list of them is available on this website (



We may change the information contained in this privacy policy if we deem it necessary. When we do so, we will notify you in various ways through the Platform (eg, using a banner, pop-up or push notification) or by sending you a message to your email address. email address, if the changes are important for your privacy, so that you can review the changes, evaluate them and, if necessary, object to them or unsubscribe from the relevant services or functions. In any case, we recommend that you review this privacy policy from time to time, as it may contain minor changes. If interactive changes are made, they will always be provided as permanent information on our website and app.