Personal consultations that will help you answer all your questions

Our professional team will provide you with a high-quality, personal consultation, during which you can ask the questions you care about, and we will help you navigate the maze of taxes, benefits and other activities.

Annual income declaration for individual activities

During this consultation, you will learn how to correctly fill out the annual tax return, what mistakes to avoid, which expense method and income accounting method to choose, and we will answer all your questions.

€68 (with VAT)

Value Added Tax (VAT) and its application

During this consultation, we will introduce you to the principles of VAT application, calculations, and answer your questions regarding the application of VAT in your specific case.

€68 (with VAT)

Maternity benefits and preparation for individual activities

We'll put together your financial and benefits plan, do all the math and create a personalized benefits calculator for you and make sure you know everything you need to feel prepared.

€119 (with VAT)

Retirement tiers and health insurance

We will present the main differences between the pension tiers, the expected returns, the pluses and minuses, and help you create a personal investment plan.

€18 (with VAT)

Invididual activity accounting

We will answer initial questions about starting an individual activity, which activity code to choose, what the contributions are and what the taxes consist of.

€68 (with VAT)

Small company accounting

During this consultation, we will answer all your questions about the accounting of the small partnership, what are the legal aspects, discuss your specific case and help you with accounting management.

€60 (with VAT)